When a user upload a document to a document library is possible to this documents automatically remain in the "Check Out" state?


Check the /Root/System/SystemPlugins/Portlets/IntraUploadDialog.ascx. There's a huge Javascript to handle the upload process. You can add additional functionality after upload in the fileupload's done branch.

        done: function (e, data) {
                        inProgress = false;
                        var json = (data.jqXHR.responseText) ? jQuery.parseJSON(data.jqXHR.responseText) : data.result;
                        $('.sn-upload-bar', data.context).addClass('sn-upload-uploadedbar');

                        var filename = json.Name;
                        var url = json.Url;
                        $('.sn-upload-filetitle', data.context).html('<a href="' + url + '">' + filename + '</a>');


                       **//call an action or add custom functionality**


There are built-in odata actions in Sense/Net with which you can call actions trough ajax and there's an action for checking-out content.


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