i'm looking for a tool drawing a kind of function usage map (maybe there's a better name for that).

I'm working on a project with many javascript files included in pages. This project has been developped for a while and we've reached a point where this is really messy. I'd like to have a clear view of what is included where, how functions are used, etc. .

Do you know if such a tool exist ?



JSLint produces a Function Report which may sort of be what you need, but in general there aren't any good static analysis tools for JavaScript. (My current project contains a huge amount of duplicated JavaScript developed over 10+ years... we desperately need one too.)

Also see this question.

  • +1 : i've seen jslint and closure but as a JS newbie i wanted to be sure... – LB40 Nov 15 '10 at 8:55

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