I've deleted .* from Ignored Names. All the . files are now showing in the sidebar (except for the .env file).

Why is only this one file hidden? How can I make it visible?


If you look in the settings for the "tree-view" package, it has an option to hide files that are present in the current project's .gitignore file. You may have that option set, and have .env in the current .gitignore.

Preferences > Settings > Packages > search for "tree-view" > click "Settings" button:

enter image description here

  • My tree package is disabled. I'm using Atom Nuclide. – GN. Feb 16 '17 at 1:41
  • 2
    @GN. I retagged your question with nuclide-editor, maybe someone will have a better answer. I'm leaving mine here in case it helps a future Atom reader. – Dan Lowe Feb 17 '17 at 15:06

If you are using Atom Nuclide you can find and uncheck the "Exclude VCS Ignored Paths" option in the Settings > Core:

enter image description here


It's in nuclide-package -> settings -> NUclide-file-tree and toggle:

  • Hide Ignored Names
  • Hide VCS Ignored Paths

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