Is there an easy way to check if a longer string contains one of the defined parts of an enum using C#

For example I've got the following enum:

enum myEnum

and I have such a string:

string myString = "here I have a sample string containing an enum";

since the string is containing the keyword enum I'd like to find this within the string.

so I would need a function like string.contains(myString,myEnum). This function should then ruturn true or false. Of course I could compare each value in the enum - but there might be an easier way...

How can I achieve this?


your emum...

public enum MyEnum

... to check ...

var myString = "here I have a sample string containing an enum";
var found = Enum.GetNames(typeof(MyEnum)).Any(e=>myString.Contains(e));
  • @ChrsitophH Our answers are the same, Matthew just beat me by 15 seconds. – Andrew Diamond Jan 24 '17 at 21:27
  • To be fair yours also makes a list instead of just using the array from Enum.GetNames ;) – Matthew Whited Jan 24 '17 at 21:29

First, get all the string values of your enum

List<string> s = new List<string>(Enum.GetNames(typeof(myEnum)));

Then, check for existence!

s.Any(s=> myString.Contains(s));

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