I've installed Haxe and OpenFL. I created a sample project:

openfl create PiratePig
cd PiratePig

when I run:

openfl test flash

I get the following error:

/usr/lib/haxe/std/haxe/macro/Context.hx:209: characters 9-30 : Invalid call
/home/tomto/haxelib/openfl/4,6,0/openfl/_internal/utils/ExtraParams.hx:13: characters 7-32 : Called from
--macro:1: character 0 : Called from

The same error when I run openfl test neko

I get a different error for html5

openfl test html5

gives me

chmod: changing permissions of '/home/tomto/haxelib/lime/3,6,2/templates

/bin/webify-linux64': Operation not permitted
Error: Cannot copy to "Export/html5/release/bin/fonts/FreebooterUpdated.eot", is the file in use?

Any help getting this working would be great.


Did you use the Linux install script for Haxe and Neko?


Perhaps you have a bad install, or too new of a version?

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