I have integrated git in Intellij. However, recently I am getting following error when I commit any file. The event log shows following error:

Commit failed with error
0 files committed, 1 file failed to commit: test
cannot spawn .git/hooks/commit-msg: No such file or directory

However, commit using git is working perfectly. Can u please tell me how can I solve this Intellij error so that I can commit using Intellij?


I've had this when pushing to an organization account for which I am an invited team member, but not an owner of.

I went through a number of email exchanges with the folks at JetBrains. I deleted and re-added the repo, re-initialized all my github settings, etc. Ultimately, I had inline my credentials in the github URL, which still bothers me, but did work, eg:


If someone managed to come up with a way to make this work using the normal methods (stored credentials or auth token) I would love to know, but failing that, my URL solution above worked for me.

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