I have a spherical source photos which I would like to display in marzipano viewer. Displaying it directly with Marzipano.EquirectGeometry works well but user has to wait until the whole image is loaded (few megas) so we'll have to switch to tiles for better experience.

So I used krpano tools to generate tiles from sphere (I'll use it on server, so marzipano tool is not an option). Tried with maketiles, sphere2cube and with MAKE PANO (MULTIRES) droplet.bat but just can't figure out what I am really doing.

For example, marzipano viewer uses /{z}/{f}/{y}/{x}.jpg formula for getting tiles, while maketiles uses tiles_%v_%h.jpg (just 2 values?) for generating them.

MAKE PANO (MULTIRES) droplet.bat generates something else. The formula is tiles/[mres_c/]l%Al/%Av/l%Al[_c]_%Av_%Ah.jpg and result looks like:

  • C:\krpano\IMG.tiles\mres_b\l1\1\l1_b_1_1.jpg
  • C:\krpano\IMG.tiles\mres_b\l1\1\l1_b_1_2.jpg
  • C:\krpano\IMG.tiles\mres_b\l1\2\l1_b_2_1.jpg
  • .....
  • C:\krpano\IMG.tiles\mres_b\l2\2\l2_b_2_3.jpg

What exactly do I have to do with krpano tools to get /{z}/{f}/{y}/{x}.jpg type tiles from spherical 360 image?

  • We moved to krpano viewer which also looks great and works out of the box with krpano. – tole Feb 1 '17 at 10:20

I'm trying the same, time ago I did with Pannellum https://pannellum.org/

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    I'm downvoting this answer because while it might be a valid solution, it does not address the fundamental question posed. – gunr2171 Mar 15 '17 at 16:46

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