When I set the window title, the title is set back to it's corresponding file name.

class myniceApp(App):
    global Window
    def build(self):
        Window.clearcolor = (.95,.95,.95,1)
        Window.size = (1024, 768)
        homewin = MyniceappHome()
        return homewin

In the above example, the title 'mykivyapp' is shown initially but set back to the filename after homewin.initapp()

How should set_title() be used?

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Window title is set with App.title, not with Window directly:

class MyApp(App):
    def build(self):
        self.title = 'Hello world'

you can use it like below.. this one worked for me.. i tried the first solution explained above, but it did not work.. so i change a bit and put the title outside the build function, its working successfully..

class controllerApp(App):
    title = 'Vehicle Detection System'

    def build(self, video_source=VIDEO_SOURCE):

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