I have a menu component which, simplistically, takes in an prop with an array of options and renders an item in the menu for each one. I wanted to be able to customise the markup that was inside each of the menu items depending on the use-case so I used the placeholder inside the menu item element.

You can see an example of this in this fiddle.

const Menu = {
    template: `
            <li v-for="item in options" :class="item.colour">
            <span class="label">{{item.name}}</span>
    data: () => {
        return {
            options: [
                { name: 'one', colour: 'red' },
                { name: 'two', colour: 'green' },
                { name: 'three', colour: 'blue' },
                { name: 'four', colour: 'yellow' }

const app = new Vue({
    components: {
        custommenu: Menu,
    template: `<custommenu><span class="colour"></span></custommenu>`


This worked fine on v1 of Vue.JS but after upgrading to v2 I'm seeing the error "Duplicate presence of slot "default" found in the same render tree - this will likely cause render errors. "

Is this something that is possible in v2 or is there an alternative way to achieve the same thing?


It looks like you will need a scoped slot for this, so you will need to wrap your slot content in a template with a scope attribute:

  <template scope="colour">
    <span class="colour"></span>

Then you will need to add that to the slot in your component template:

  <li v-for="item in options" :class="item.colour">
    <slot colour></slot>
    <span class="label">{{item.name}}</span>

Here's the updated JSFiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/kLge4wun/

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