I've got the following variable set in bash:

ver=$(/usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxManage -v | tail -1)

then I have the following variable which I do not quite understand:


Could anyone elaborate on what this does, and how pkg_ver is related to the original ver value?


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It is a bash parameter expansion syntax to extract text from end of string upto first occurrence of r

printf "%s\n" "${name%%r*}"


This form is to remove the described pattern trying to match it from the end of the string. The operator "%" will try to remove the shortest text matching the pattern, while "%%" tries to do it with the longest text matching.


You will get everything from variable ver until first "r" character and it will be stored inside pkg_ver.

export ver=aaarrr
echo "${ver%%r*}"
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    The export is entirely unnecessary here. Environment space is a limited resource -- the more content you have exported to the environment (and thus copied into the starting environment for other programs your script starts), the shorter the maximum command-line length when starting new processes can be. Commented Jan 25, 2017 at 19:17

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