In Java 9, you can create a JAR file with

jar --create --file=mlib/com.greetings.jar --main-class=com.greetings.Main -C mods/com.greetings .

Which has the side effect of adding the MainClass attribute to the module-info.class file in the .jar file.

Do any of the plugins support this yet, or do I need to invoke the Java 9 'jar' command directly?

Is this the right forum to be asking these questions, or is there a better place?

Cheers, Eric


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The 'module main class' is actually an attribute of the module-info.class file. It's called ModuleMainClass and set by the Java 9's jar command. The current version (3.0.2) of maven-jar-plugin only writes the file when you specify the manifest.mainClass

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