when I volume mapping in Docker 1.13.0, some file is corrupted.

In docker container, when "ls -l" the folder, it displayed like this:

"?????????? ? ? ? ? ? file_corrpted_and_cant_access.conf"

and can't edit it or delete it. it just show "No such file or directory". I think it can't link file inode and path.

how to fix it?

Additional information

after volume mapping, I soft link volume mapping folder inside docker container.

docker run --privileged -d -v /opt/volume_mapping_folder/:/inside_container/inside_folder --restart=always testcontainer

and insde docker container I soft link folder

docker -it testcontainer /bin/bash ln -s /inside_container/inside_folder /opt/appFolder touch /opt/appFolder/file_corrpted_and_cant_access.conf

Output of docker info:

Server Version: 1.13.0 Storage Driver: overlay Backing Filesystem: xfs Supports d_type: false Logging Driver: json-file Cgroup Driver: cgroupfs Plugins: Volume: local Network: bridge host macvlan null overlay Swarm: inactive Runtimes: runc Default Runtime: runc Init Binary: docker-init containerd version: 03e5862ec0d8d3b3f750e19fca3ee367e13c090e runc version: 2f7393a47307a16f8cee44a37b262e8b81021e3e init version: 949e6fa Security Options: seccomp Profile: default Kernel Version: 3.10.0-514.6.1.el7.x86_64 Operating System: CentOS Linux 7 (Core) OSType: linux Architecture: x86_64 CPUs: 2 Total Memory: 5.671 GiB ID: 2D2E:73MA:BJQ3:WQAJ:BR3W:TYF5:F3MQ:E7S3:KZGV:A64K:ASZK:UEXE Docker Root Dir: /var/lib/docker Debug Mode (client): false Debug Mode (server): false Registry: https://index.docker.io/v1/ Experimental: false Insecure Registries: Live Restore Enabled: false

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This is is related xfs filesystem with overlay mode.


the solution is one of these.

  1. xfs partitions need to be formatted with ftype set to 1

  2. use ext4 filesystem instead of xfs

  3. setting docker Storage Driver to 'devicemapper'


I hit a similar problem today using Docker 1.13.0 running a CentOS image on a RHEL 7.3 system. Files in my containers root filesystem were acting odd. For example, I would try to delete a file but it would not be removed from the filesystem and display the same '?' you posted when running 'ls'. I also had problems trying to change ownership of files. Anyway, my guess is Docker 1.13.0 changed the default Storage Driver to overlay when in the past (Docker 1.12.5) it was devicemapper. I changed the default back to devicemapper and the problems went away.

I am not a Docker or Linux Filesystem expert and I am not sure if the change to overlay as a default was intentional.

  • thx, after change storage driver to devicemapper, the problems went away.
    – Hailong Li
    Commented Feb 3, 2017 at 1:16

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