I am using a jinja template to generate a state file for salt. I added some conditionals and would like to express: if A or B. However, it seems I cannot get any logical operator working.

It doesn't like ||, |, &&(which I understand doesn't apply here), but also not and, or and not even grouping with (), which should be working according to the jinja documentation. I couldn't find any information on this in the salt docs, but I feel I must be making some stupid mistake?

My code:

{% if grains['configvar'] == 'value' OR grains['configvar'] == 'some other value' %}


Data failed to compile:
Rendering SLS 'base:mystate' failed: Jinja syntax error: expected token 'end of statement block', got 'OR'; line 3

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You are doing it right but the logic operators need to be lower cased.

Try switching all your operators to lower case.


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