I've successfully loaded my model in aframe. I have animations with a bone. I wanted to load that. Or maybe just key frames.

How can I export my blender bone animations for aframe? How do I call those animations?


The OBJ format does not support animation, so you'll need to export to a different format if you want to play your animations.

My advice, if you're exporting from Blender to A-Frame, would be to use the Three.js JSON format. Three.js provides a Blender exporter for this. Once you have a JSON file, including your animations, you can load the file in A-Frame using the json-model (or perhaps object-model) and animation-mixer components from A-Frame Extras.

Example syntax:

<a-entity scale="0.01 0.01 0.01"
          json-model="src: url(./my-model.json);">

UPDATE(9/1/2017): With A-Frame 0.7.0+, the glTF 2.0 format and glTF Blender Exporter are also good choices with A-Frame. Usage is the same as above, using the gltf-model component.

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