Admittedly I'm pretty green at this stuff. I've tried to get a service worker to display an offline page and I am getting this error when I take the browser offline:

Cannot GET /offline.html?cachebust=1485461215845

I've based my code on this post:


My Index.html script has this in it:

<script type="text/javascript">
// Register the service worker
if ('serviceWorker' in navigator) {
    navigator.serviceWorker.register('/sw.js').then(function(registration) {
        // Registration was successful
        console.log('ServiceWorker registration successful with scope: ', registration.scope);
    }).catch(function(err) {
        // registration failed :(
        console.log('ServiceWorker registration failed: ', err);

And my service worker code (sw.js) has this in it:

'use strict';
var cacheVersion = 1;
var currentCache = {
    offline: 'offline-cache' + cacheVersion
const offlineUrl = 'offline.html';

this.addEventListener('install', event => {
        caches.open(currentCache.offline).then(function(cache) {
            return cache.addAll([
this.addEventListener('fetch', event => {
    // request.mode = navigate isn't supported in all browsers
    // so include a check for Accept: text/html header.
    if (event.request.mode === 'navigate' || (event.request.method === 'GET' && event.request.headers.get('accept').includes('text/html'))) {
            fetch(event.request.url).catch(error => {
                // Return the offline page
                return caches.match(offlineUrl);
        // Respond with everything else if we can
            .then(function (response) {
                return response || fetch(event.request);

Debugging the code looks like everything is working except (last line to execute is the return caches.match(offlineurl)) but instead of rendering the offline page I get the cachebuster error. Not much on google on cachebuster. Any insight would be appreciated.

  • Cannot GET /offline.html?cachebust=1485461215845 - does the host you are trying to get this from have an offline.html at all? – Jaromanda X Jan 27 '17 at 1:54
  • yes, I can browse to the file with a direct url – user3253156 Jan 27 '17 at 2:34

I've discovered that this error occurs when I run on localhost, when I ported the application to a https server (heroku) the offline.html behaves as expected

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