I use spock to write test case and jenkins to run and publish my test cases. I was able to get the code coverage reported but sonar shows me only Java Unit test cases; the groovy test cases are totally missing

The following pom.xml is used as reference https://github.com/kkapelon/java-testing-with-spock/blob/master/chapter7/spring-standalone-swing/pom.xml

would anyone please know what I am missing ?

Sonar Dashboard image

  1. Install the Groovy plugin in Sonar. Login as admin/admin and go to the administration/system/update-center tab
  2. Add the following property in the pom file


If you do this both Spock and JUnit tests are shown correctly! See attached screenshot Spock and JUnit tests in Sonar

  • thank you it worked – harry Jan 27 '17 at 14:04

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