I would like to create a personalize PCB template (Title block) for my company which include company information and logo. So I wanted to know how can I use or edit existing PCB sheet templates according to my needs?



THIS ISN'T A QUESTION ABOUT PROGRAMMING. I'll answer but don't worry if someone delete the question.

I like to create my own title blocks. You can do that creating a schematic component and introducing the parameters you want.

  1. In your schematic library, add a new component called Title_Block. Use lines and strings to create the fields.

New component title block

I put these strings in red to show that are special strings starting with '=' sign.

Special strings

These special strings will be replaced automatically by Altium when you create a parameters with the same name. I put some Altium default parameters (SheetNumber, SheetTotal, CurrentDate and Title) and two that we'll create (VersionRevision and Project). You can see other default special strings here: Schematic Text Strings.

  1. In your schematic sheet, disable the Title Block to introduce yours. Right click on the schematic, Options > Sheet..., and uncheck the Title Block box.

Uncheck title block

Create your own parameters on Project > Project Options tab Parameters like this:

Project parameters

Now, when you add the component called _Title_Block it seems like this:

Custom title block

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In Schematic Page, Design->Project Template ->Choose a File

Now, following location will be open. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Altium\AD16\Templates

Here, you can find like A3,A4 different template for Schematic and PCB also. You can Edit that as per requirement.

To Edit or Change the logo in Template sheet: Place->Drawing tool->Graphic.

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