When I upload a CloudFormation template to AWS's Management Console it takes a few minutes for AWS to process the template.

Doing this for say 20 iterations means a significant chunk of time is just waiting for an error message.

Is there anyway to test it prior to uploading it to AWS's Management Console (preferably a bit more than just "is it valid JSON")?

E.g. a tool that ran through:

  1. is it valid JSON?
  2. is the input to each Resource / Parameter correct?
  3. etc...

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you can use the aws cli validate-template command


aws cloudformation validate-template --template-body file://path/to/template

In my workflow I have this integrated into a pre-commit git hook to perform some automatic validation


There is now an awslabs project called cfn-lint that integrates with a variety of editors, it does a more extensive linting of templates. It's available from the awslabs on Github


This can also be added as a precommit for your cloudformation workflow

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