I am developing an application with the use of dragablz, MahApps and MaterialDesign. However, I have broken down the problem to the dragablz and MahApps extension.

I create two tab items (extract from demo code):

<controls:MetroWindow x:Class="MahMaterialDragablzMashUp.MainWindow"
                      TextElement.Foreground="{DynamicResource MaterialDesignBody}"
                      Background="{DynamicResource MaterialDesignPaper}"                      
                      GlowBrush="{DynamicResource AccentColorBrush}"                      
                      FontFamily="{StaticResource DefaultFont}"
                      Title="Material-MahApps-Dragablz Mash Up" Height="640" Width="800">
        <dragablz:TabablzControl BorderThickness="0"
                <dragablz:InterTabController />
            <TabItem Header="DIALOGS">
                <mahMaterialDragablzMashUp:Mah Margin="16" />
            <TabItem Header="MAHAPPS">
                <mahMaterialDragablzMashUp:Mah Margin="16" />

The code works fine, but when I try to switch to another tab in the XAML designer by clicking on it, the whole section is selected but not any single object, so I cannot click on another tab:

XAML designer with above code

The view in the designer changes when I click into the corresponding code lines in the XAML editor, but not when I click on the object in the designer. This makes simple design steps (like moving buttons around) very difficult as I cannot click and drag them. Up to now, I have tried the following:

  • using Visual Studio 2013 Professional
  • using Visual Studio 2015 Community
  • Build the project
  • restart VS and the computer

I found the following question and the provided solution by 'JFTxJ' (that empty Grid elements are causing the problem) is not working for me, as I do not have any Grid items.

Same for the answer from 'Moon Waxing' (to add the attribute Visibility="Collapsed" to the tabiItem) is not working for me.

Other StackOverflow question: Cannot click or select Control XAML design

Is this a common problem or is there any solution to it?

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