I have integrated spring security core in my grails project and then s2-quickstart too.

So I got all the basic gsps, domain controllers also.

So I have one user with id = 'me' and password (encoded) = 'password' inside the database with role = 'ROLE_ADMIN'.

Now I am confuse with the api classes that they have. I need to show the login page on the start of my project and if user enters the correct id password then it should redirect to dashboard page. So for that I have written following piece of code :

"/"(controller:"login", action:"auth")

class LoginController {
def authenticationTrustResolver
def springSecurityService

def index = {
       redirect(action: 'auth', params: params)
def auth = {
       //Checking Licensing stuff

def signIn = {
        if ( params.username == null )
            redirect(action: 'login')
        def config = SpringSecurityUtils.securityConfig
        if (springSecurityService.isLoggedIn()) {
            def targetUri = "/dashboard/loadDashboard"
            redirect(uri: targetUri)
             println params.username
             println params.password

             //Don't know which class I should use here

auth.gsp inside (login directory)
<form action='login/signIn' method='POST' id='loginForm' class='cssform' autocomplete='off'>
<label for='username'>Login ID</label>
                    <input type='text' class='text_' name='j_username' id='username' />
<label for='password'>Password</label>
                    <input type='password' class='text_' name='j_password' id='password' />
<input type='submit' value='Login' />

So I don't know how should I pass the username and password to which class inside else part of signIn method of LoginController.

Any help would be highly appreciated...


spring-security does all for you.

Just route your users to the dashboard

"/"(controller:"dashboard", action:"indexorwhatever")

and annotate with the @Secured annotation the DashboardController

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