What is the proper way to convert any text (or varchar) to jsonB type in Postgres (version 9.6) ?

For example, here I am using two methods and I am getting different results:

Method 1:

dev=# select '[{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"1"},{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"2"},55]'::jsonb;
 [{"field": 15, "value": "1", "operator": 0}, {"field": 15, "value": "2", "operator": 0}, 55]
(1 row)

Method 2 , which doesn't produce the desired results, btw:

dev=# select to_jsonb('[{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"1"},{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"2"},55]'::text);
(1 row)


Here, it was converted to a string, not an array. Why doesn't the second method creates an array ?


According to Postgres documentation:


Returns the value as json or jsonb. Arrays and composites are converted (recursively) to arrays and objects; otherwise, if there is a cast from the type to json, the cast function will be used to perform the conversion; otherwise, a scalar value is produced. For any scalar type other than a number, a Boolean, or a null value, the text representation will be used, in such a fashion that it is a valid json or jsonb value.

IMHO you are providing a JSON formatted string, then you should use the first method.

to_json('Fred said "Hi."'::text)  --> "Fred said \"Hi.\""

If you try to get an array of element using to_json(text) you'll get the next error:

select *
from jsonb_array_elements_text(to_jsonb('[{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"1"},{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"2"},55]'::text));

cannot extract elements from a scalar

But if you previously cast it to json:

select *
from jsonb_array_elements_text(to_jsonb('[{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"1"},{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"2"},55]'::json));

|                    value                   |
| {"field": 15, "value": "1", "operator": 0} |
| {"field": 15, "value": "2", "operator": 0} |
| 55                                         |
  • 1
    Well, you are talking about json , not jsonb. Also, with your example (Fred said Hi) I get incorrect results. And I don't understand the "if the data type is not built in" part, I am specifying ::text and text is built in. Also which of two conversions we are talking about? The one that converts my input to ::text, or the one that parses this ::text and creates a json object. Postgres documentation is not well done, If it would be clear enough I wouldn't asking on SO. – Nulik Jan 29 '17 at 19:46
  • Yes, I'm sorry, I've looked at 9.3 version docs, but in fact the result is the same. – McNets Jan 29 '17 at 20:05
  • I can not cast it to array because I don't know what that json string will be containing. What if it is going to have an associative array? Under 9.6 version, my query produces different results.That's why I am asking, because I thought, that using to_jsonb() function I would receive a correctly parsed jsonb object, however this is not the case. – Nulik Jan 29 '17 at 21:40
  • I've found cast works for me. Example. select cast('[{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"1"},{"field":15,"operator":0,"value":"2"},55]' as jsonb); – Keith John Hutchison Nov 14 '17 at 6:02

If your text is just a json format text, you could just explicitly cast it to json/jsonb like this:

select '{"a":"b"}'::jsonb

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