I recently started getting this warning on start up of my Spring Boot application:

o.s.c.a.ConfigurationClassPostProcessor - Cannot enhance @Configuration bean definition 'beanNamePlaceholderRegistryPostProcessor' since its singleton instance has been created too early. The typical cause is a non-static @Bean method with a BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor return type: Consider declaring such methods as 'static'.

I cannot figure out where it is coming from. I have no such classes ('beanNamePlaceholderRegistryPostProcessor', 'BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor') in my app that I can find so not sure how to prevent this from happening.

Anyone have any ideas?

This question is slightly different to this one as that one seems to be with a class that the user has created.


I finally discovered that beanNamePlaceholderRegistryPostProcessor is part of the Jasypt Spring Boot starter package.

I raised a ticket about it and the author replied immediately, indicating that it is nothing to worry about.


You can ignore the warning if you want by adding the following to Logback (if you use that):

<logger name="org.springframework.context.annotation.ConfigurationClassPostProcessor" level="ERROR"/>
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