I have the exact same question as this user had, except it's a different theme. :) I'm trying to make this page (and others like it) full-width instead of blog style with an invisible sidebar. I tried messing with

.container { max-width:

but I'm not getting what I was hoping for. I only know the very basics of CSS, so I'm not really up to figuring out how it goes. Can someone give me a hint please?


Some of the content on your page is also in another container called #primary that has width: 70% applied to it, you could add this to make that content 100% width:

#primary {
  width: 70%; // Remove this.
  width: 100%; // Add this.

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If you remove max-width from .container, the sample page you provided defaults to 100% width.

.container {
  max-width: 1170px; // Remove this line entirely.

Full Width

  • If you only wanted the content of your pages at 100%, use the #primary CSS code I gave you. If you are trying to make both the content and container full width, use both CSS changes. Jan 31 '17 at 2:59
  • Thanks a lot! I think that's exactly what I needed.
    – ezmopho
    Feb 1 '17 at 11:39

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