I'm dealing with weights in a RNNCell.

I have the following code

var_names = []    
for var in tf.trainable_variables():    

In another file called model.py, I am printing the names of the trainable variables just appended to var_names. However, I find that the "name" attribute of the trainable variables is not useful because not very descriptive.

Do the weights of an RNNcell have names?

If that's useful, here's another possibly relevant piece of code:

cell_fn = tf.nn.rnn_cell.GRUCell   
rnn_fw_1 = cell_fn(num_hidden_1, **additional_cell_args)    
rnn_fw_1 = tf.nn.rnn_cell.DropoutWrapper(rnn_fw_1, input_keep_prob=keep_prob_1)
  • Please apply the code tag to your post to make seeing code easier. – ComputerScientist Jul 14 '17 at 20:26

Try this:

variables_names = [v.name for v in tf.trainable_variables()]
values = sess.run(variables_names)
for k, v in zip(variables_names, values):
    print "Variable: ", k
    print "Shape: ", v.shape
    print v
  • Thank you. I have solved this problem. The problem is caused because the model.py and train.py are two files. I integrate them into one file and it works. – Jerry Nay Mar 28 '17 at 4:45

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