As per this article in elasticsearch reference. We can update the following setting dynamically for a live cluster with the cluster-update-settings.


But when I try to update any of the above I am getting the following error:

PUT /_cluster/settings
    "transient" : {
        "indices.recovery.file_chunk_size" : "5mb"


"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
    "reason": "transient setting [indices.recovery.file_chunk_size], not dynamically updateable"

Have they changed this and didn't updated there reference article or am I missing something? I am using Elasticsearch 5.0.2

  • It seems that there are no such settings.. Try to put non-existing setting - response will be the same – cybersoft Jan 31 '17 at 8:23

They have been removed in this pull request:

  • indices.recovery.file_chunk_size - now fixed to 512kb
  • indices.recovery.translog_ops - removed without replacement
  • indices.recovery.translog_size - now fixed to 512kb
  • indices.recovery.compress - file chunks are not compressed due to lucene's compression but translog operations are.

But I'm surprised it is not reflected in the documentation.

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