I'm developing a webapp that allows one-off payments. I'm using Laravel with Cashier for that.

I'm displaying a number of products with the typical Stripe pay button. Clicking on it should display the checkout.js form but this is not happening.

The product view is basically a loop that displays the Stripe button:

<div class="row">
 @foreach ($products as $product)
    <form action="{{ route('frontend.user.pay', $product->id) }}" method="POST">
    {{ csrf_field() }}
     <div class="col-sm-5 col-md-5">
       <div class="thumbnail">
         <div class="caption">
           <h3>{{ $product->name }}</h3>
           <p>{{ $product->small_description }}</p>
           <p>Buy for ${{ substr_replace($product->price, '.', 2, 0) }}</p>
           <script src="https://checkout.stripe.com/checkout.js" class="stripe-button"                       
            data-key="{{ env('STRIPE_PUBLIC') }}"
            data-amount="{{ $product->price }}"

When I click on the button, the Stripe pay overlay does not load.

The relevant routes are

Route::get('product', 'ProductController@index')->name('product');
Route::post('pay/{product}', 'OrderController@payWithStripe')->name('pay');

The Controller file is as follows:

public function payWithStripe(Request $request, Product $product) {
  $token = $request->input('_token'); 
  return $this->chargeCustomer($product->id, $product->price, $product->name, $token);

public function chargeCustomer($product_id, $product_price, $product_name, $token) {

    if (!$this->isStripeCustomer()) {
       $customer = $this->createStripeCustomer($token);
    else {
       $customer = \Stripe\Customer::retrieve(access()->user()->stripe_id);
 return $this->createStripeCharge($product_id, $product_price, $product_name, $customer);

 public function createStripeCharge($product_id, $product_price, $product_name, $customer) {
   try {
       $charge = \Stripe\Charge::create(array(
           "amount" => $product_price,
           "currency" => "usd",
           "customer" => $customer->id,
           "description" => $product_name
    } catch(\Stripe\Error\Card $e) {
       return redirect()
           ->with('error', 'Your credit card was been declined. Please try again or contact us.');
        return $this->postStoreOrder($product_id);

 public function createStripeCustomer($token) {

    $customer = \Stripe\Customer::create(array(
        "description" => access()->user()->email,
        "source" => $token

    access()->user()->stripe_id = $customer->id;

    return $customer;

 public function isStripeCustomer() {
    return access()->user() && \App\Models\Access\User\User::where('id', access()->user()->id)->whereNotNull('stripe_id')->first();

The issues are:

  • 1) The overlay payment (where VISA card details should be entered) is not displayed
  • 2) In the chargeCustomer function, the customer is not generated in Stripe. I get an error "No such token: xxxxxxxx". Printing it out is definitely the hidden token (checked from the pageview). The problem might be related to the _token, where I see that stripeToken should be used. However stripeToken always returns null.

This maybe because app.js is being called and they both conflict. Try removing the app.js link and see how it reacts.

  • The issue is with app.js. Removing it and trying worked for me. – thephpx Oct 24 '17 at 14:39

This is old, but I ran into the same issue.

Changing the id of my root element from #app got it working...

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