I am new Jenkins , using jenkins 1.651.3 War deployed on Tomcat6
Is there any way to download Jenkins job’s output file ( my job produced a jar file ) from jenkins UI Console itself ?

So, could anyone suggest me is there any way or plugin available to make the each Jenkins build output files ( like Jar/War) as downloadable from the Jenkins server machine

    [INFO] --- maven-jar-plugin:2.4:jar (default-jar) @ NumberGenerator ---
    [INFO] Building jar: /opt/cloudhost/jenkinsHome/jobs/TestGiby/workspace/NumberGenerator/target/NumberGenerator-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    [INFO] --- maven-install-plugin:2.4:install (default-install) @ NumberGenerator ---
    [INFO] Installing /opt/cloudhost/jenkinsHome/jobs/TestGiby/workspace/NumberGenerator/target/NumberGenerator-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar to /opt/cloudhost/software/maven/mavenRepo/com/giby/maven/NumberGenerator/0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/NumberGenerator-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    [INFO] Installing /opt/cloudhost/jenkinsHome/jobs/TestGiby/workspace/NumberGenerator/pom.xml to /opt/cloudhost/software/maven/mavenRepo/com/giby/maven/NumberGenerator/0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/NumberGenerator-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.pom
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [INFO] Total time: 2.575 s
    [INFO] Finished at: 2017-02-01T05:00:44+00:00
    [INFO] Final Memory: 19M/607M
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Finished: SUCCESS

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Use Archive the artifacts post-build step, it copies the selected artifacts in the artifacts folder.

Archive the artifacts build step

Then you will be able to download the file from build page itself.

Download build artifacts

For Pipeline you need to add it in the pipeline script itself. Check for the corresponding groovy script for archive the artifacts or find the below example (this is a working code).

post {
    always {
            archive "project/embsw/debug/**/*"
           stash includes: 'project/embsw/debug/project_R0.bin', name: 'debugBuiltArtifacts'
  • I can't see post build options for jenkins pipelines
    – SibiCoder
    Dec 6, 2019 at 8:08
  • 1
    @SibiCoder for pipeline you need to add it in the pipeline script itself. Check for the corresponding groovy script for archive the artifacts. Dec 9, 2019 at 18:21

Well, you can right click on "View as unformatted text" and choose "Save link as" to save log on your PC.


I am able to directly open the console log in Notepad++. Just right-click the "Full Log" link, copy the link address, then paste it into the "Open" dialog in Notepad++.

"Full Log" link

enter image description here

My Jenkins server had to be configured to allow this.

  • Nice solution, works like a charm, beware that if the console output is very large, this can hang your Notepad++
    – Deepak
    Jul 16, 2019 at 9:42

Just in case someone is searching how to enable this option in a Jenkinsfile, I will put an example down where I do a backup of a single table from a MariaDB database and then download it from the job build :)

stage('Backup') {
            steps {
                script {
                    sh "rm -rf db.dump.sql*"
                    withCredentials([usernamePassword(credentialsId: 'my-database-credentials', passwordVariable: 'DB_PASSWORD', usernameVariable: 'DB_USERNAME')]) {
                        sh """docker run --rm -t \
                            -v $WORKSPACE:/data \
                            --entrypoint mysqldump \
                            mariadb -v \
                            -P 3306 \
                            -h ${DB_HOST} \
                            -u master \
                            --password="${DB_PASSWORD}" \
                            --default-character-set=latin1 \
                            --skip-lock-tables --skip-add-locks \
                            --single-transaction --add-drop-table --complete-insert \
                            --result-file="/data/db.dump.sql" ${DATABASE_NAME} ${TABLE_NAME}"""
                    sh "du -sh db.dump.sql"
                    archiveArtifacts artifacts: 'db.dump.sql', excludes: 'output/*.md'

Just add the following line in your Jenkinsfile script

archiveArtifacts artifacts: 'db.dump.sql', excludes: 'output/*.md'

enter image description here

Reference: test and artifacts

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