I have exported the package list using command

conda list --export > packagelist.txt

Since no environment name is specified, I supposed to just export the package name of the default environment (Am I right?) Then I want to import the package list to a new laptop and install this list of packages again, similarly, in the default environment

But I have googled the relevant answer, but majority of them are intended to create a new environment, like

conda create -n myenv2 --file myenv2.txt python=2 

which is not what I plan to do. which command should I choose to import the package list to default environment? Thank you.

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As you mentioned, you can do:

conda list --export > packagelist.txt

And then if you want to install that in your default environment (instead of creating a new one) you can just do:

conda install --file packagelist.txt

Export of environments packages:

conda list --name <env> --explicit > packageslist.txt

Import of packages:

  • To use the spec file to create an identical environment on the same machine or another machine:
conda create --name myenv --file packageslist.txt
  • To use the spec file to install its listed packages into an existing environment:
conda install --name myenv --file packageslist.txt

Source : https://docs.conda.io/projects/conda/en/latest/user-guide/tasks/manage-environments.html

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