I cannot seem to figure this out. I want something that match 2 KEYWORDS: KEYWORD1 and KEYWORD2. Order doesn't matter KEYWORD2 can appear before or after KEYWORD1. In between KEYWORD1 and KEYWORD2 can be other characters, but maximum scan within 2 lines.

Obviously KEYWORD1 and 2 are just a placeholder.

Should-match example:

"I saw KEYWORD1 walking around with KEYWORD2 yesterday"
"I saw KEYWORD1 walking around with \n KEYWORD2 yesterday"
"KEYWORD2 was spotted playing with KEYWORD1."
"KEYWORD2KEYWORD1 are best buddies."

Should not match example

"I saw KEYWORD1 walking around with \n\n KEYWORD2 yesterday."

I was advised with this Regex, a look ahead (which doesn't consume) as long as there is a KEYWORD1 present, continue with finding KEYWORD2. But this will find match due to more than one newlines.

  • Brilliant! Why I didn't think of that. Thanks @ka3ak. PS: you got an extra \n?.* – RonPringadi Feb 1 '17 at 16:29
  • @RonPringadi Ah ok. I've miscounted. I've edited the answer. – ka3ak Feb 1 '17 at 16:48

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