I have a deployed app in Heroku and the DB manager is MySQL JawsDB. I would like to use Navicat to insert data for my users. The app is just for consultation. I can connect to my JawsDB DB but, when I'm trying to insert new data I get an error 1142 - INSERT command denied to user 'myJawsDBUser'@'myIPAddress' for table 'myTable'. I checked documentation and says:

If you are on one of JawsDB’s shared plans, you may have breached the database size allotted via your plan. When a database grows larger than the plan allows, INSERT privileges are revoked on the database user until the database is brought back into compliance.

After make a check of the size of my DB, I see that I have less than maximum size plan allows.I think is a problem with privileges, how can I change this if I don't have access to Users table

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Disclosure before answer: I'm with JawsDB :)

Jaws calculates used space by adding up the data_length and index_length values of each table in that database according to the information_schema.

A query like the one below is used to do this.

    ,sp.grantee user
    ,cast(round(sum(coalesce(t.data_length + t.index_length, 0)) / 1024 / 1024, 3) as char) db_size_mb
    information_schema.schemata s
    inner join
    information_schema.tables t on s.schema_name = t.table_schema
    inner join (
                    when spi.privilege_type = 'INSERT' then 1
                    else 0
            ) has_insert
            information_schema.schema_privileges spi
        group by
    ) sp on s.schema_name = sp.table_schema
group by

If the size of the database's tables exceed the size granted to the user's plan, the INSERT privilege is temporarily revoked until database size is brought back into compliance with the plan. This can either be done by deleting old data or by upgrading their plan.

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    I finally found this answer after I spent half of my day on why I could not access my JawsDB on Heroku. The problem was that I have exceeded the size limit but there was no indication on Heroku and JawsDB that this was the problem. The logs on Heroku did not show anything relevant to it but a MySQL error. There is a FAQ on Heroku JawsDB which is related to it but it is for some reason under the section of Node.js. – Outcast Jun 15 '18 at 16:12
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    Personally, i would really like to receive an indication that this a size limit problem of the db and not simply receive a general MySQL error. Or at least the docs on Heroku or/and JawsDB should highlight in a very apparent way this size limitation. – Outcast Jun 15 '18 at 16:13
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    Great answer, but I agree that it's a bit frustrating to shut off insert access without any notice to the user. – d512 Nov 30 '18 at 4:18
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    please please please - highlight this on the JawsDB info page - I spent like 3 hours trying to guess why my app doesn't have INSERT permission. – slajma Dec 12 '18 at 19:32
  • just spent 2 hours with same error - jawsDB REALLY needs to give some indication that the error is caused by size limit!!! Wastes developer time! – Paul Preibisch Jul 1 at 8:42

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