I've got a select2 select menu.

Stripped version for example:

<div class="form-group has-error">
        <select name="description_id" class="select2">

// <options>


Applying the has-error to the text-inputs will display a red border around the input. This does not work for a select2 menu. What am I missing?

I'm using bootstrap3 and the latest select2:


I've read this page and tried the solution but it doesn't work:


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The solution on the page you have posted, is for an older version of select2. For the latest version, use this CSS code here:

.has-error .select2-selection {
    border-color: rgb(185, 74, 72) !important;

Now with this code and using the has-error class, you can get the proper reddish error color:

<div class="form-group has-error">
 <select name="description_id" class="select2">

Select2 with has-error class

jsFiddle example: https://jsfiddle.net/k9phxgnd/1/

  • That's it, thanks a lot, can award the bounty in 12 hours :-) – Hardist Feb 4 '17 at 6:59

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