Recently installed Visual Studio 2017 which included Xamarin.iOS 10.4. I also have a Macintosh with x-code and Xamarin Studio community installed. The problem is that the Xamarin Studio on my mac has version 10.3. Attempting to upgrade to 10.4 by switching xamarin to the beta channel by checking for updates causes the Mono Framework MDK to fail along with Xamarin.iOS Attempting to access the downloads page (you will need to login to see the page) only allows downloads up to Xamarin.iOS 10.3.1.

Is there a way to do any of the following:

  1. Repair the downloader (Xamarin Update).
  2. Manually download Xamarin.iOS 10.4.
  3. Fallback from 10.4 -> 10.3 in Visual Studio on the Windows PC side.

Xamarin Studio logs can be provided upon request, but I couldn't find anything about errors or failures in them because they only wrote out events regarding installation success rather than downloading status.


You can do #2 if you know the exact version numbers. Here are the download links for:

Xamarin.iOS 10.4
Plug in other numbers like: https://dl.xamarin.com/MonoTouch/Mac/xamarin.ios- to get 10.3.

Xamarin Studio 4.0

Xamarin Studio 6.1

Xamarin for Visual Studio 4.2

download.xamarin.com must have been the old paths because XS is not available on it.

  • Even though I went to the mono website and installed the correct Mono MDK, the updater still tries to fail-download mono. However, the link you provided allowed me to put my Xamarin studio in a working state for my PC to build to it. – Bennett Yeo Feb 3 '17 at 17:59

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