I'm seeing the following error when installing TensorFlow:

ImportError: Traceback (most recent call last):
File ".../graph_pb2.py", line 6, in 
from google.protobuf import descriptor as _descriptor
ImportError: cannot import name 'descriptor'

This error signals a mismatch between protobuf and TensorFlow versions.

Take the following steps to fix this error:

  1. Uninstall TensorFlow.
  2. Uninstall protobuf (if protobuf is installed).
  3. Reinstall TensorFlow, which will also install the correct protobuf dependency.

I faced the similar issue , after trial and error, i used the below logic to run the program. $pip install --upgrade --no-deps --force-reinstall tensorflow

this will make sure to uninstall and reinstall the program from fresh.it works!!!

Try this:

  1. pip uninstall protobuf

  2. brew install protobuf

  3. mkdir -p /Users/alexeibendebury/Library/Python/2.7/lib/python/site-packages

  4. echo 'import site; site.addsitedir("/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages")' >> /Users/alexeibendebury/Library/Python/2.7/lib/python/site-packages/homebrew.pth

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