Let's say we have the current situation in the Cube Browser for Working Days Analysis.

Date8 it's part of the DimDateBST Dimension and it was created in format year-month-day and the WD_Avg is our interested measurement. The logic behind it's simple... If the day in month it's a working day then the value it's 1. If there is no woking day it's 0. If it's a half working day then it's 0,5.

Cube Browser

We need to create a calculated measure to Rollup the measurement WD_AVG based on the type of day. The desired result would be then:

Desired Result

How would be that achievable? Is there any MDX-function that would work here?


The problem was solved by creating the following calculated measure:

      SUM({NULL:[Dim Date BST].[Dat Cal].CurrentMember}
         ,  [Measures].[WD_AVG])

{NULL:xxx} creates a set of everything before the xyz member, i.e. everything to Dat Cal...


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