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How do I get country code using javascript only, I am not allowed to use jQuery.

I have seen some sites like http://ipinfo.io , but all examples uses JQuery getJson, can I implement the same method :

var country_code = null;
$.getJSON('http://ipinfo.io/' + userip, function(data){
    country_code = data.country;

I tried the following, but it returns a page instead:

var request = new XMLHttpRequest();

request.onload = function(elements) { console.log(elements); };
request.open("get", "http://ipinfo.io", true);

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Working example:

var someIp = '';
var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
  if (xmlhttp.readyState == XMLHttpRequest.DONE) {
    if (xmlhttp.status == 200) {
      document.getElementById("myDiv").innerHTML = xmlhttp.responseText;
    else if (xmlhttp.status == 400) {
      alert('There was an error 400');
    else {
      alert('something else other than 200 was returned');

xmlhttp.open("GET", "//ipinfo.io/"+someIp+"/json", true);
<div id="myDiv">

The ipinfo.io service returns JSON format only when proper header requesting JSON is attached. But it can be specified easily also with the /json directly in the requesting url.

  • Yeah, I just found that I missed to append the IP , check the question. Thanks a lot :) – Bilal Halayqa Feb 2 '17 at 20:02

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