I have the following associations:

class Captain
  has_many :boats

class Boat
  belongs_to :captain
  has_many :classifications

class Classification
  has_many :boats

I want to find out which captains have boats that have classifications with :name attributes of "catamaran."

This has been my best guess so far: Captain.includes(:boats, :classifications).where(:boats => {:classifications => {:name => "catamaran"}})

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Try this

Captain.joins(boats: :classifications).where(classifications: { name: "catamaran" })

This query results in following SQL query

SELECT * FROM `captains` 
   INNER JOIN `boats` ON `boats`.`captain_id` = `captains`.`id` 
   INNER JOIN `join_table` ON `join_table`.`boat_id` = `boat`.`id`     
   INNER JOIN `classifications` ON `join_table`.`classification_id` = `classifications`.id

@Sujan Adiga has right!

If you use the include method, active record generate 2 separates sql query. The first for your main Model, and the second for your inclued model. But you don't have access on the included model in your first query. When you use the joins method, active record generate sql query with joins statement. So you can use the joined model in your clause where.

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