Can someone please tell me what is the alternative to System.out.println

My instructor said to not use this for interviews and when I asked him well then what the hell should I use, he hasn't responded- been 2 weeks( online course)

So please, if I want to print my statement onto the console- what else should I use besides System.out etc.

Thanks everyone for all of your help!

Clearly I am a beginner, can you tell ?!

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    I presume he means to use loggers/logging frameworks instead. But I have no problem with using StdOut during interviews, practice, etc. – Brendan Feb 3 '17 at 18:59

Consider Log4j

I would argue that sout is fine for interviews provided you can explain why a logging framework would be more suitable for production projects.

You can have log levels (e.g. only print to log if running in development environment etc.)

It works better asynchronously than sout from a performance perspective.

It sounds like this for a class. So a more simpler answer is to write out to a text file. There are many examples out there, here is one:

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