So, this is my first time making a website, using git, and the such.

i was trying to use git as a way of updating my website. i was told to do the following:

git remote add live ssh://user@domain.com/absolute-path-to-site

followed by:

git push live master

when i tried pushing i got the following message:

fatal: '/absolute-path-to-site' does not appear to be a git repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

i figured i did something wrong and tried backtracking by using

git remote rm ssh://user@domain.com/absolute-path-to-site

well it doesn't let me remove the path, I get:

error: Could not remove config section 'remote.ssh://user@domain.com/absolute-path-to-site'

I can't really find anything to help my with this situation (or I'm not looking right) please help.

  • Your website needs to be initialized as a git repository and have .git folders etc. So ideally you want to do a git init on the web server file-system, copy your files there and commit, then clone your website to your development location and then you will be able to treat the website as a remote. – Alwyn Schoeman Feb 3 '17 at 19:01
  • I migrated all of the files from the local version of my website to the live site, including the .git directory, does that count as initialized or should i do it again? thank you so much for the help. – Bruno Melofiro Feb 3 '17 at 19:05
  • For the rm part that's not working you want to specify the name of the remote, thus live. The correct syntax would be git remote remove live – Alwyn Schoeman Feb 3 '17 at 19:08
  • Can you manually ssh to that location and make sure that the path is accessible to that user? – Alwyn Schoeman Feb 3 '17 at 19:09
  • when i try to use git remote remove live i get usage: git remote remove <name> . as for manually ssh to the location, I can do that it is accessible. I believe my problem is that i stopped at /destination instead of /destination/.git . could that be the problem? – Bruno Melofiro Feb 3 '17 at 19:17

You can try to remove the remote manually in .git/config, remove the part like this:

[remote "live"]
    url = ssh://username@fireplug.dreamhost.com/dev.website.com/wp-content/themes/astrid
    fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/live/*

Then save the config file, and use git remote -v to double check if it removed or not.


The correct git remote command was:

cd /path/to/my/local/repo
git remote remove live

Directly editing a .git/config file is not recommended.

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    @bruno-melofiro I believe this answer should be marked as correct... as @VonC stated, it's not good practice to make edits directly to the .git/config file. – Dzeimsas Zvirblis Oct 25 '18 at 16:50

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