I created an EC2 instance on AWS and hosted Wordpress powered by Bitnami.

I used t2 micro to select free tier and successfully published with custom keyfile. Anyhow, I need to host existing code to this hosting and I have issues accessing phpmyadmin. It says "For security reasons, this URL is only accessible using localhost( as the hostname.

I have tried several solutions but cannot find the exact conf file.

Thanks in advance, please help me.


I don't know what your current setup, but while a year before I face the same issue while setting up my company website.

edit config.inc.php file in your phpmyadmin installed folder . Default path is :

sudo vi /opt/bitnami/apps/phpmyadmin/htdocs/config.inc.php

search for

$cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] ='';

edit the to your domain IP or domain name

hope it resolve your issue. I forgot the reference link where I got these detail I will add it later.

Restart apache after all


Below is one of the solutions I found. ssh -N -L 8888: -i *.pem @...*

This maps the phpmyadmin on user's localhost so the user can access using http://localhost:8888/phpmyadmin.

Hope this helps.

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