I am using visual studio 2015 version and Navigate to keyboard shortcut(Ctrl + ,) not working. (Or not configured)

How could I configure this custom using keyboard mappings in visual studio 2015?


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I can not reproduce the error in my environment. All is working well e.g. Ctrl+B for: Display the New Breakpoint window.

Please read:

If you ever mess up your keyboard shortcuts and just want to reset all the shortcuts back to their default settings you can use the nuclear option by using the Reset button in Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard:

enter image description here

When you click this button you will get following warning:

enter image description here

Take this warning seriously!  It will reset ALL keyboard mappings to their default values so this should only be used when things are really messed up with your shortcuts.

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    Worked.. Thank you, even though I still don't know why my shortcuts got messed up. Oct 18, 2017 at 18:36

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