Trying to get all nodes of a certain label type. I have roots of multiple graphs that all have the same suffix in their labels. For example, i have 3 nodes that all have treeroot at the end of their label. So I might have companytreeroot, buildingtreeroot, nd employeetreeroot as 3 valid labels for 3 distinct nodes. How would I get all nodes whose label has that pattern?

I tried:

match (n) where '.*treeroot' in labels(n) return n


match (n) where 'treeroot' in labels(n) return n

but both return empty sets...

  • Unsure if this will help you, but nodes can be multi-labeled. If this is not free string matching, but instead a need to get nodes across multi similar labels at once, then you might consider adding a label to these nodes as a superlabel. Like adding a :TreeRoot label to all nodes with some treeroot label (companytreeroot, buildingtreeroot, employeetreeroot), and ensuring you add :TreeRoot to any new nodes of these labels as well. That will let your queries on these be more efficient than performing an entire graph scan. Feb 5 '17 at 23:29
  • Those matches will only check for full strings. @InverseFalcon's answer below is the most efficient. one. Feb 6 '17 at 0:25

You can use ANY function for apply reqular expression to labels:

match (n) where ANY(l in labels(n) WHERE l =~ ".*treeroot")
return n

stdob--'s answer works, but it must inspect all labels of all nodes in your graph, so this becomes more and more expensive as your graph grows.

A faster approach involves first finding the labels that match quickly by using the db.labels() procedure, then (because Cypher does not natively support dynamic label queries) use APOC Procedures' cypher.run() procedure to use String concatenation to assemble a query that finds all nodes in all the labels that met your match.

Here's an example that should be quite fast, even on large graphs:

CALL db.labels() YIELD label
WITH label
WHERE label ENDS WITH 'treeroot'
CALL apoc.cypher.run('MATCH (n:' + label + ') return n', null) YIELD value
RETURN value.n as node
  • @MichaelHunger It really is the golden hammer of Neo4j, much of the time. Feb 6 '17 at 0:26
  • @InverseFalcon Get a list of matching labels - a great idea! And thank you for pointing out the procedure "db.labels".
    – stdob--
    Feb 6 '17 at 1:32

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