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One of the great features of Firebug - which is now discontinued and already started to malfunction - was the side to side script editor with console:

image description

I can't figure out how to enable this in the Firefox Developer tools. I looked in settings but there's nothing about it. Is that even possible in Firefox Developer tools? Or maybe it's simply not possible?

I do know that with Shift+Enter you can enter multiple lines in the console, but when you press enter the line resets.


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The Firefox DevTools have something similar called Scratchpad, which is a separate panel allowing you to execute multi-line JavaScript code. Furthermore, the command line allows you to enter line breaks by pressing Shift+Enter and automatically breaks into the next line when the entered expression is not finished, e.g. when you write document. and hit Enter.

As those features are not exactly what Firebug provided and the UI is somewhat requiring getting used to, there is a request to implement a multi-line mode for the console like in Firebug as well as a request to improve the output within Scratchpad.

  • I tried that scratchpad and it's ridiculously broken. When you click inspect, toolbar appears that cannot be hidden and the other button puts /** undefined **/ in the code. Are they serious about this? Feb 6, 2017 at 13:50
  • Yes, the UI is not very user friendly. I've filed a bug report for adding a toggle button for the side panel right now. The /** undefined **/ output is only shown when the executed script doesn't have a return value. Feb 6, 2017 at 19:21

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