Sometimes my program freezes. If i click 'Pause program' it shows me this:

773301C4 89442404         mov [esp+$04],eax
773301C8 895C2408         mov [esp+$08],ebx
773301CC E9E9960200       jmp $773598ba
773301D1 8DA42400000000   lea esp,[esp+$0000]
773301D8 8DA42400000000   lea esp,[esp+$0000]
773301DF 90               nop 

'Call Stack' window IS EMPTY!

Pressing F8 three times, the program jumps to

7735989F 8BFF             mov edi,edi

I cannot reproduce it on demand but I see the problem once per day (maybe less?).
The compiler/debugger is running in 32 bit.

Any idea if this is a debugger problem? I encountered something similar in the past: sometimes when you run an external application from your Delphi app, the debugger freezes. This is a documented bug for Delphi XE7. So, I am thinking, maybe this is a similar/related bug?

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    Here is a somehow similar problem but in my case the CPU is 0% and I cannot choose a thread: stackoverflow.com/questions/13057133/… – Z80 Feb 6 '17 at 11:37
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    Hard to say. Could very easily be a defect in your code. That's surely the most likely explanation. – David Heffernan Feb 6 '17 at 11:50
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    That's exactly what it has done. Smells like a deadlock due to a defect in your code. As a general rule, you should assume, until you find evidence to the contrary, that defects are in your code rather than the system. – David Heffernan Feb 6 '17 at 15:53
  • Wasn't the debugger supposed to stop in the current executing code when I hit 'Pause program'? It does this during a "normal" freeze, when the program enter a big FOR loop (100% CPU utilization) for example. And it shows the stack. So, why is this case special? Why the program freezes if there is no CPU utilization. I don't use threads (it is true that I have a TWebBrowser that could use threads). – Z80 Feb 6 '17 at 15:54
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    Add madExcept and when the program freezes use madTraceProcess to pull out stack traces. Then look for your defect. – David Heffernan Feb 6 '17 at 18:24

I am making progress here! I have found a similar issue in a program of mine. The freeze appears when I try to load a large text (over 100000) in a custom list box because of this code:

MyListBox.Items.Text:= xxx;

procedure TMyListBox.LBADDSTRING(var M: TMessage);   { This makes the control slow when I work with 100000 lines }
 if Assigned(FOnChange)
 then FOnChange(Self, lbAdded);

The execution point runs through LBADDSTRING for every line (100000 times). So, it seems frozen.

Odd is also the fact, that if I pause the program, Delphi cannot accurately show the execution point for my program (I checked all 5 threads). So, all this is in the end a Delphi debugger flaw.

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