Anyone knows how to connect an IBM Watson chatbot to a website? I am using bluemix. I already have a watson conversation and I want to integrate it to my wordpress website. I'm not understanding where to include the configurations.

  • are you makeing the application through noodejs? – Athif Shaffy Feb 7 '17 at 4:30

Watson Conversation is just a REST API endpoint. Youll need some widget that calls the service as outlined here:
We have some sample chat widgets you could potentially embed as an iframe or something if you want.

  • @user94 see yogescicak's answer for a ready-made plugin.This will enable you to easily deploy a chatbot on your WordPress site. No coding required. – Antonio Cangiano Mar 13 '18 at 1:48
  • Wordpress plugins are great for broad technological acceptance but I have yet to find a straightforward tutorial/howto that explains with examples how to incorporate a watson conversation into a simple vanilla website. Does such a resource yet exist? – Paula Livingstone Jul 28 '19 at 14:31

There is a Watson Conversation WordPress plugin that you can use to deploy your chatbot to a Wordpress site.

The plugin is called “Watson conversation.”

You can find the configurations steps here: https://courses.cognitiveclass.ai/courses/course-v1:CognitiveClass+CB0103EN+v1/courseware/c6143d9ff5764057a91e53fa8a3a6dff/2b860fc913a745e29dce92bf72d15faf/

The Watson Conversation plugin can be installed both on self-hosted WordPress installations and hosted WordPress (on WordPress.com). WordPress.com charges a fee to allow us to install custom plugins.


Well, you could use a simple method (Simple, but paid) and use chatlio. This way you can just install the plugin to your wordpress.

IBM makes available too the web application, but it's in javascript.


Watson provides a web chat plugin which can be embedded to the website Visit https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/assistant?topic=assistant-deploy-web-chat# to get the script code and paste the code as close to the closing tag as possible.

Another way is to integrate with Kommunicate. Go to Bot integration section, select IBM Watson, enter your Watson API key. Then copy the script from Settings -> Install to your website code before the closing tag.

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