I'd like to add a fixed tax of 2 euros per order to an existing prestashop website. I already added it to every step the client makes, until the last step in which I'm not able to:

the file I want to modify is "modules/bankwire/views/templates/hook/payment_return.tpl" in which I have this line:

{l s='Amount' mod='bankwire'}: <span class="price"><strong>{$total_to_pay}</strong>

If I change the previous line to:

{l s='Amount' mod='bankwire'}: <span class="price"><strong>{$total_to_pay+2}</strong>

my final displayed price is rounded and no € symbol appears (for example if my total price is 54.50 €, when I add 2 euros to it, it becomes 56 instead of 56,50 €)

How can i manage it?


  • Changing templates only won't do you any good. When a customer places an order, the tax won't be calculated into order. – TheDrot Feb 6 '17 at 16:19

$total_to_pay is a formatted price ("56,90 €" instead of "56.90") defined in bankwire module:

public function hookPaymentReturn($params)
    if (!$this->active)

    $state = $params['objOrder']->getCurrentState();
    if (in_array($state, array(Configuration::get('PS_OS_BANKWIRE'), Configuration::get('PS_OS_OUTOFSTOCK'), Configuration::get('PS_OS_OUTOFSTOCK_UNPAID'))))
            'total_to_pay' => Tools::displayPrice($params['total_to_pay'], $params['currencyObj'], false),
            'bankwireDetails' => Tools::nl2br($this->details),
            'bankwireAddress' => Tools::nl2br($this->address),
            'bankwireOwner' => $this->owner,
            'status' => 'ok',
            'id_order' => $params['objOrder']->id
        if (isset($params['objOrder']->reference) && !empty($params['objOrder']->reference))
            $this->smarty->assign('reference', $params['objOrder']->reference);
        $this->smarty->assign('status', 'failed');
    return $this->display(__FILE__, 'payment_return.tpl');

You can get the price like this using the order object:

{displayPrice price=$objOrder->getOrdersTotalPaid()}

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