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I need help getting OpenGL and GLUT to work using Haskell.

Running a windows 10 system. I have installed the OpenGL package using cabal, but when I try to run the following program (and similar tutorial-like short programs):

import Graphics.UI.GLUT

main :: IO ()
main = do
  (_progName, _args) <- getArgsAndInitialize
  _window <- createWindow "Hello World"
  displayCallback $= display

display :: DisplayCallback
display = do
  clear [ ColorBuffer ]

All I get is:

main: user error (unknown GLUT entry glutInit)

I have looked around for solutions but come up empty handed.

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I've encountered same problem and found the solution.

Use this(source). Copy freeglut/bin/(platform)/freeglut.dll to your executable path and rename it to glut32.dll.

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    Actually I also faced the same problem. I was not able to know where the dll file was to be copied. So, what I did was : sudo apt-get install haskell-platform The glutInit function is provided by freeglut(as mentioned in the answer) which is installed using the above command. – Jaskirat Singh Apr 4 at 8:34

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