I made the mask work correctly on the <td> element of the table, but I want to add the currency symbol before the value, follow example.

if ($(this).attr('title')==='Value')
       $(+'R$ '+newValue)

Html code below

<td title="Value" class="editavel dt">converteValor(3500,00)</td>

The value coming from the bank is 3500.00 and I use the function in php

function converteValor($valor){
return "R$ ".number_format($valor, 2, ",",".");}

How do I do after the jquery edition continue with the mask 'R$ 3.500,00?' Thanks.



if ($(this).attr('title')==='Valor')
          .maskMoney({prefix:'R$ ', allowNegative: true, thousands:'.', decimal:',', affixesStay: true});

This code snippet may be helpful to you...

function formatCurrency(total) {
    var neg = false;
    if(total < 0) {
        neg = true;
        total = Math.abs(total);
    return (neg ? "-$" : '$') + parseFloat(total, 10).toFixed(2).replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+\.)/g, "$1,").toString();

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