CSV headers can be converted with header_converters and lambda expressions, as shown in "Using Ruby CSV header converters". However, is there a way to specifically only convert say the first column, and leave the others untouched?

For example, assume my headers are

<random string>, head1, head2, headN

The value of <random string> may change between CSV files, and I'd like to change this header to some predetermined string, so that headers become

time, head1, head2, headN
  • It would be better if you supplied an example of the input CSV and the expected output CSV, rather than ask people to go read the other question. – the Tin Man Feb 6 '17 at 21:46

I did not find this documented in examples, only in the source of csv.rb. Converters receive an optional second argument, field_info. According to the documentation, this is a Struct with the fields index, line, and header:

  • index: The zero-based index of the field in its row.
  • line: The line of the data source this row is from.
  • header: The header for the column, when available.

So as an example, this will convert the first header to "time" and leave others untouched:

CSV.new(f, header_converters: lambda{|h, field_info| field_info.index == 0 ? "time" : h })

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