How can I write this equation.

Pretty much here is what I have

(float) $total = (float) $product_price * (float) $percentage;
return (float) $total;

Although now I need to add a country percentage. Therefore if the country percentage is 10% I need to add 10% onto the current total and return it.

I use the variable $country_percentage


If I understand correctly, you want to add the percentage (tax?) to the total. If the $country_percentage is the integer '10', that would equate to '0.10'

($total * (1 + ($country_percentage / 100))

Which would be ($total * 1.10)


You use math, my friend. If your percentage is a string, remove the % symbol with str_replace() and then parse that value using intval($int) or floatval($float). That'll give you a number to work with, 10 for example.

Then you divide your country percentage by 100

10/100 = 0.1

Finally, you multiply your product price by the above value +1.


//if $percentage is a string with '%' in it
$percentage = (floatval( str_replace("%", $percentage) );

$percentageNum = ($percentage/100) + 1;

$total = $product_price * $percentageNum;

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