I am trying to implement Google Sign in for Xamarin.iOS app.i have added the package Google Sign-In for iOS required for Sign in process.had Setup AppDelegate, added GoogleService-Info.plist to the Xamarin.iOS app project. when i run the build it displays an error below.

[Firebase/Core][I-COR000012] Could not locate configuration file: 'GoogleService-Info.plist'.

Error configuring the Google context: The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.google.greenhouse error -3.)

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Make sure that the file is in your {Project}.iOS build and that the file is exactly called "GoogleService-Info.plist". Also be sure that you set the build action of the "GoogleService-Info.plist" file to: BundleResource

For a full tutorial take a look at: https://components.xamarin.com/gettingstarted/firebaseioscloudmessaging (this is a link for cloud messages but the first part is the same for all firebase services)

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In Visual Studio for Windows,

Include the GoogleService-Info.plist file in the IOs project root,

enter image description here

Then right click on the GoogleService-Info.plist file and go to Properties. Under Properties, set BundleResource for Build Action,

enter image description here

That's all you have to do 😉. Now just clean the project, delete the bin and obj directories, then run the project 😊

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  1. Open "GoogleService-Info.plist" and change any <true></true> or <false></false> to <true /> and <false />
  2. Reopen the xamarin solution
  3. It should work now, worked for me.

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Open "GoogleService-Info.plist" in editor and change any or to and Reopen the xamarin solution It will work now


For me (besides other problems already mentioned here) the Problem was that GoogleService-Info.plist was ticked for "iOS Optimization" in the Properties resulting in unreadable gibberish after building.

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